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We believe the greater the mix, the higher the innovation potential.
Our studio is home to directors, producers, CG artists, designers, animators and coders, hatching new collaborative ideas.

Our People

Since forming in 2006 we have strived to cultivate a creative and inspiring home in which conversation, collaboration, and innovation can thrive; a space to create stories, nurture curiosity, and develop a growing team.

Our studio is the place where our philosophy is brought to life by a diverse community of thinkers, makers, and doers.

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  • Alex Farrell
    3D Artist

    I always knew I was a creative soul, but I never really knew how my creativity would manifest itself. Then one day I was inspired to explore the potential of 3DS Max, and I finally found my canvas!

  • Alex Hillel
    Creative Technologist

    As Steve Jobs once said, computers are bicycles for the mind! The possibilities cutting edge technologies give us are endless, and I am interested in using them to create new and exciting experiences.

  • Ben Davies
    MD & Creative Partner

    I love the ideas, the blank canvas, creating something out of nothing, the open possibilities, the deep discussion. Some may find it scary, I find it exhilarating!

  • Brett Fisher
    Senior 3D Artist

    Bringing an architect’s vision to life with art and creativity is something I feel extremely privileged to be doing. Each day brings something new and exciting, with no boundaries to your imagination!

  • Chris Moran
    Designer / Animator

    I love how beautifully simple some projects appear, but when you dig into them there's much more to it. Especially in motion graphics when nudging a key frame slightly can make such a dramatic difference.

  • Dave Buckley
    3D Artist

    I knew I was an artist ever since my finger painting, that I did aged 5, was rejected by Manchester Art Gallery. I wasn’t deterred! Now I refer back to an Arne Jacobsen quote: “Architecture tends to consume everything else, it has become one’s entire life’”.

  • Dave Wharton
    Junior Designer

    I'm always getting the urge to design, the possibilities of creativity are incredible. There's no better feeling than receiving positive feedback from a happy client, safe in the knowledge that the time you spent enjoying what you love doing wasn't wasted.

  • Hannah Poltawski
    Senior Client Manager

    I crave variety. Being exposed to new industries, people and creative processes helps me continue to learn, adapt and broaden my own skills and interests.

  • Jane Chambers
    Senior 3D Artist

    Being able to do creative stuff everyday is great! I get excited by the process of taking a design and sculpting a form to realise it. To see your ideas take shape in 3D is really rewarding.

  • John Crawshaw
    3D Artist

    Little did I realise that my 3DS Max home experiments would take over my life! I enjoy the stories that can be told through arch vis, my inspiration comes from the people and places around me and I’m always striving for that real world detail.

  • Jon Hey
    Art Director

    I love the search for perfection when I work. Often something comes from trying out lots of variations - the paint never dries! I get so much satisfaction when I know something is the best it can be.

  • Jon Humphreys
    Creative Director

    Striving towards the next great piece of work, buzzing off the next great moment of inspiration and knowing that tomorrow may open up a new avenue to explore.

  • Julian Davies
    Financial Director

    I always wanted to be a fighter pilot or a racing driver, but my careers advisor had other thoughts! Now I have the adrenaline fuelled role of helping the neighbourhood grow bigger, more efficient, and better than ever.

  • Laura Durham
    Junior Artist

    The ability to create anything imaginable from scratch and see a concept through from a small idea in your mind to a fully composited image/sequence is incredibly rewarding. I love the fact that there's always something to learn or some obscure problem to solve!

  • Leila Milne
    Office Manager

    Being part of the team is exciting. I love the variety of each day addressing the diverse tasks that arise in a creative environment. If you pop into the studio I’ll be there to welcome you with a cup of tea!

  • Matt Clayton
    Senior 3D Artist

    I'm always striving for that detail, for that communication of form, and for the question that makes the majority of us in this industry smile...is that real!?

  • Michelle Collier
    Head of Story

    I’ve always loved the creative process and the craft of articulating stories. From comic books to the silver screen, my fascination with tall tales and the way they’re told knows no bounds!

  • Neal Andrews
    Digital Producer

    With over 15-year's experience in digital planning, production and project delivery, I have been known to be described as "organised, responsive and engaging...a bit like his websites".

  • Paul Gosling
    Head of Digital

    When I was 11 years old I played a Super Nintendo for the first time. It blows my mind that technology so simple could be so captivating, my mission is to keep that same level of engagement with every project we do.

  • Rob Millington
    Lead Creative

    I started walking (or was it cycling?) down the design path before I was old enough to even start thinking about it. With creatives for parents, it was only natural I would get involved and pick up some of this creative stuff!

  • Ryan Groves
    3D Artist

    I’m a sucker for the detail! I feel that engrossing yourself in all the various elements of a composition, producing every last detail - that can really help to tell a story and push an image as far as it can possibly go.

  • Sarah Brewster
    Production Coordinator

    Neat, precise, and organised; that's how I've been described many times over the years! And these are qualities I put into practice every day at The Neighbourhood to help keep our projects running smoothly!

  • Steve Swanborough
    Designer / Animator

    The idea of designing a piece, bringing it to life before editing it to be seen all over the world is really exciting! But when I'm explaining to people what I do and how I go about it, I always have to go back to that box of Lego from back in’t day!

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​3D Artists (All Levels)

We're looking for talented and enthusiastic Architectural 3D Artists (Junior, Middleweight and Senior) to join our growing team.

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​Junior Developer

We're looking for an enthusiastic, passionate and talented junior developer with up to 2 years agency experience to join our growing digital team.

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