A fond farewell

In 2006 we set out with a simple vision.
To create a place where great creative work can happen.
A place where a diverse bunch of talented folk can be inspired and nurture their ambitions.
To build a culture not just a company.
A home for passionate thinkers, dreamers, inventors and makers.
And on this amazing journey we’ve met some wonderful people.
We’ve delivered projects close to home and across the world.
We’ve shared stories and ideas while coming up with new ones.
We’ve made big plans together, and made them happen.
We’ve been a team of 4, we’ve been a team of 44.
We've laughed, learned, travelled and grafted together, and enjoyed every last bit of it.
But all good things come to an end.
In 2018, after nearly 12 incredible years, The Neighbourhood closed its doors.
We are immensely proud of what we have achieved here.
We ended on a positive, delivering great work with the same passion that started this adventure.
And now we need to fulfil some new personal ambitions.
The passion for creativity that defined The Neighbourhood will now fuel our next adventures.
And it will also live on in the talented people we have worked with, who carry that spirit forward on theirs.
So a huge thank you to everyone who has been on this remarkable journey with us.
It’s been ace.
It’s time write the next chapter...
Ben & Jon x

Stay in touch

If you have any questions or enquiries, please do get in touch with us. We are still both here to help.


Ben Davies

Ben Davies
Co-Founder, MD & Creative Partner

Jon Humphreys

Jon Humphreys
Co-Founder, Creative Director


We can't possibly recognise all the contributions here, but we would like to share a huge thank you to all the hoodies, collaborators and advisors that have been part of The Neighbourhood over the last 12 years.


Alastair Stewart, Alex Farrell, Alex Hillel, Andy Buchan, Angela Mellak, Arleta Rokita, Becky Williams, Ben Risk, Brett Fisher, Camilla Mazzitelli, Catherine Russell, Celia Arellano, Cheryl Twomey, Chris Moran, Claire Lutes, Dan Rodgers, Dan Sewell, Daniel Zammit, Dave Bird, Dave Buckley, Dave Wharton, Emma Speight, Emma Stott, Fiona York, Hannah Beasley, Hannah Poltawski, Jack Seymour, James Cook, Jane Chambers, Jessy Gill, Jo Tonge, John Crawshaw, Jon Dadley, Julian Davies, Kathryn Pitts, Kevin Shepherd, Laura Durham, Leila Milne, Lisa Hughes, Luke Cottle, Marcus Evans, Mark Hunter, Masato Seki, Mat Lucas, Matt Clayton, Maz Lewis, Michelle Collier, Michelle Hill, Mike Wiggins, Natalie Ladden, Neal Andrews, Neal Menhinick, Olivia Lofts, Paul Biggins, Paul Gosling, Paul Greenwood, Paul Ray, Pete Bowker, Philip Horton, Prim Patel, Rachel Milner, Richard Nabarro, Rob Millington, Ryan Groves, Ryan Parker, Sarah Baker, Sarah Brewster, Sarah Childs, Sarah Taylor-Forbes, Steve Swanborough, Steve Taylor, Stuart Dearnaley, Sunny Qin, Susan Wilson, Thomas Clegg, Tom Fitzpatrick, Tom Pullan, Vanessa Cutt and Vladimir Mulhem.

Jon Hey and Tim Woods who started on this journey with us.

And an extra special thank you to Laura and Lorna.

Thank you one and all.

The Neighbourhood.
Wonderful, compelling work. 2006-2018.