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No.1 MSP Central


Picture one of Europe’s most exciting innovation districts

Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP) are turning the North West into a buzzing hub of innovation and investment. Their new MSP Central Campus in Manchester is one of their key projects and at its hub is No.1 MSP Central. They wanted the science and business communities to be as excited by the project as they were, so they got us on board to capture the essence of the place in a series of CGIs.

A place where collaboration can thrive

MSP’s purpose in life is to provide the places and connections scientists, innovators, investors and entrepreneurs need to get chatting, share ideas and build businesses. No.1 MSP Central is built to do just that. Slap bang in the middle of the central campus it provides much more than offices.

Its ground floor is an open, collaborative space built to spark off conversations, host events and bring people together. There’s a dining area, gym, flexible auditoria and cosy snooks under the stairwells for private meetings. By populating our images with conversation and activity we helped show what a busy, inspiring environment it would become.

MSP are creating a place for start-ups, for entrepreneurial science and technology businesses. And with innovation such as graphene, it’s a place that is on the way to ensuring Manchester is one of the most vibrant innovation districts in the world.

Our work helped MSP show potential investors why they should get excited, and the images we created are a key component in marketing collateral and stakeholder engagement communications.