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Tea Building

Derwent London

From bacon to buzz feeds, a vibrant london landmark gets a new digital hub

The Tea Building in Shoreditch is home to a vibrant community of creative companies. An iconic building with a rich history (from bacon factory to air raid shelter), the imposing 8-storey property was radically reinvented by forward thinking Derwent London after purchasing it back in 2001.

In the industrial age, you used to be able to see the “things" that were made inside buildings, but in modern “digital" factories, the cogs of our industriousness are often hard to see.

We wanted to make the invisible visible, to tell the story of the Tea Building whilst revealing the layers of eclectic, thought-provoking and highly creative work which emanates from its community every day.

Now site visitors are able to see what makes Tea tick by exploring detailed information about the development itself, and connecting to live social and content feeds. With these feeds being continuously populated and updated by Tea tenants, local businesses and nearby cultural organisations, the client can rest easy that the site is always up to date.