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The Functional & Fantastic

With workplaces and offices becoming more bold and unique, the designs have gotten more interesting, functional and occasionally bizarre. We recently worked on the design of a creative studio space in Manchester for Bruntwood, complete with a tree house meeting room and break out areas with a functional swing.

This got us thinking: what are the most interesting studio / office spaces out there, and what makes them unique? Here are some of our favourites…


Google Headquarters offers the ability to work where and how you want, ranging from a focused quiet environment to an 'outside-inside' area consisting of fake grass and mini housing structures. Huge open-plan areas allow employees to collaborate in a suitable space dependent on their needs, and the variety of different styled areas means one place never gets old.


If you want wacky and completely 'out-there' then Inventionland Design Factory for Davidson Design & Development hits the nail on the head. Ranging from a mini lake complete with pirate ship and a 'proper' tree house, to a Cupcake office and giant robot, each individual area has a purpose based on the design. For example, the blown-up scalextrix is where automotive products are developed, and the cave area is where outdoor accessories are designed.

White Mountain Office

Based in a previous nuclear fallout shelter, this centre for a Swedish internet provider took inspiration from the Bond films to create what is more like a secret layer than a working space. Located in Stockholm below ground level, White Mountain Office uses simulated daylight complete with greenhouses and waterfalls to bring the outdoors inside.


Combining the best of huge open-plan spaces and cosy, bright meeting rooms, Airbnb gives employees the freedom to work wherever they choose and contains very few fixed workstations. As Airbnb is an online service that allows people to rent out rooms or houses from a homeowner for short-term breaks, each room in the office is based on a unique style, and some rooms are even based on active Airbnb listings.

Barbarian Group

This design from architect Clive Wilson creates a 330 metre long desk creating both functional desk space and mini creative meeting spaces with built in wooden bookcases. Employees work mainly on laptops allowing them to move around and collaborate with different people in suitable spaces.


Laura Durham

Date published

20 February 2015