Hoodies Out of Hours

A little bit of experimenting and play time

We're a creative bunch here at The Neighbourhood. We're always eager to learn, experiment and play, whether we have a brief or not. Here's what we've been up to recently, out of hours.

“Corona is an increasingly popular render engine in the visualisation industry. I decided to dive in and see if it lived up to the hype by revisiting old projects and giving them a new lease of life to see how Corona fared in comparison to Vray. I was impressed with how quick it is to use out of the box and it's interactive way of working allowed me to concentrate on the "fun stuff" and refine materials and lighting in a much more efficient manner.”

- Ryan Groves - Senior 3D Artist

“I started with a simple concept of a man walking back to his house in the woods after the morning walk with the dogs. And collected 3-4 reference images to begin work from – of the style of woods I wanted, of the building & the figure/dogs.

I wanted to try out Megascans materials and objects for the first time and include some dogs (they’re old low poly models, but I couldn’t find any newer high polys that were running). As well as render the image on one machine with Corona, with the aim of testing the boundaries of features that I would usually avoid in Vray – such as displacement on most objects, global fog, large amount of scattered objects & in camera Depth of Field.”

- James Cook - 3D Artist

“It’s no secret I’m a bit of a sneaker head. I wanted to play with simple shapes and balance them off against the complexity of the trainers. Keeping it simple and subtle. Drawing attention to the textures, lighting and hero the sneakers.”

- Andy Buchan - Head of Digital

“I'm a regular contributor to Leeds United football fanzine The Square Ball and these are some of the illustrations I provided for an end of season review in the final issue. These were shown alongside other artists work as part of a retro sticker book collection. It's always a good opportunity to try out different styles and techniques and see how they are perceived by the fanbase across social media.”

- Chris Moran - Senior Animator/ Designer

“I am currently in a huge learning phase with Cinema4D. Being a fan of abstract works, my aim at the moment is to create separate pieces to test and trial new things as often as I can. In February, I took part in the annual 36daysoftype project and soon learned that to understand the power and possibilities the program holds, every day is the only way.

I love the idea that combining these new skills with more traditional graphic & animation styles will produce works of many different kinds to fit into any sector. And do so effectively”

- Jack Seymour - Digital Designer

Ali Stewart

Date published

29 June 2017