Property marketing on the front line

A conversation with the agents

When it comes to marketing your property, the agents are the guys and gals on the front line. Tasked not just with the job of showing people around your space, they also have the challenge of inspiring them about the possibilities. So are you giving them all the tools they need to do their job well? Are you thinking beyond the basic brochure / website combo?

Our job is to create innovative communications for the agent’s tool kit. To arm them with effective, inspiring, and well-crafted content that allows them to tell stories, bring your buildings to life, and capture the attention of prospective tenants. With that in mind, we've spent lots of time with the agents asking for their thoughts and developing a real understanding of what they need to do their job. Here are 5 things we’ve learned...

1. Tenants are becoming much more 'uncorporate'

Traditional business is becoming less traditional. Fact. The modern CEO might be younger than you think, more technically savvy, and looking to creative businesses for inspiration. High profile brands like Google and Facebook have shown the world how it’s done, and now other companies are looking for their own slice of the innovative workspace pie. Never underestimate the aspirations of your clients, however ‘corporate’ you may think they are.

2. It's all about inspiration

Gone are the days where a good spec, adequate facilities, and a list of local amenities will convince people to sign on the dotted line. Of course pragmatics are very important, but creating an authentic emotional connection to a place will yield much stronger engagement.

You have to be able to inspire people with your vision first and foremost, to show them how a space can work for them, and you must do this in a personally engaging way. Whether that’s an experiential marketing suite, an immersive digital story, a tactile brochure, or some well placed innovative tech, all it takes is a little imagination.

3. Beauty wins

In a world where visual media is king, people are much more informed than they once were. They're used to visual language, familiar with careful art direction, and expect to be surprised, inspired, and wowed. That’s bad news for the traditional brochure, which simply just won't cut it. But good news for property brands who are thinking more laterally and seeking innovative ways to communicate a sense of place, and those who are using story-led, immersive digital experiences to bring all aspects of a place to life.

4. Work life balance

One thing agents hear time and again is how important lifestyle is to contemporary business owners. Companies at the top of their game want to attract and retain the best staff, so tenants will be looking to hear how your properties can help them achieve those goals through a genuine commitment to placemaking for people. If you want to give your property a competitive edge, then understand that perks such as a vibrant local neighbourhood, great connections, innovative workplace design, and a work/life balance are all key features of your story.

5. The necessity of fresh collateral


Michelle Collier

Date published

24 July 2014