When Inspiration Strikes

Here at The Neighbourhood, we don’t just sit around waiting for inspiration to strike (or client briefs to drop onto our laps). We like to look at the world around us to get our creative juices flowing. And there’s been a lot going on lately.

We’re a bunch of food lovers (we all live for Biscuit Wednesday each week) so naturally we were inspired by some recent food-based days.

First up, our 3D Artist Laura created this mouthwateringly-realistic CGI for Mac and Cheese Day on 14th July.

Shortly afterwards, Designers Dave and Mat unleashed this particularly squeaky hotdog on the world to celebrate Hot Dog Day (volume up).

And we’re not only obsessed with food. Some of us are also obsessed with football (we are Mancunian, after all) so our Designer & Animator Chris reimagined the England football badge in honour of the Women’s Euro 2017 tournament.

And finally, 3D Artist Tom celebrated the intriguingly-named Grab Some Nuts Day, on 3rd August with this comical neon gif.


Sarah Taylor-Forbes

Date published

11 August 2017