Bringing spaces to life with technology

Alex, our creative technologist, is always on the hunt for something new and innovative. Recently, his journey of discovery took him all the way to Frankfurt, to this year’s Node Forum. Among all the talks and workshops - many of which were focused on real-time motion graphics and creating multimedia environments - there was one theme that really stood out to him: bringing a space to life using technology.

Combining software like vvvv and Cinema 4D results in more than just something that looks pretty. This technology has the power to transform a space into something truly spectacular. See exactly what we mean by taking a look at his four favourite examples:

Fragments, 2016

200 identical mirrors are arranged on a flat surface. They initially appear static, but move in harmony to face the onlooker.

Infinity, 2015

A flat cinema screen is transformed into a completely immersive experience using the power of light and projection technology.

Winds of Boston, 2017

The invisible patterns of Boston’s winds are turned into a series of poetic data paintings in four distinct chapters.

The Changing Room, 2017

Participants are asked to select an emotion from a choice of hundreds. The installation then evokes this emotion using light, visuals, sound, text, and interaction over a multi-level display.

If you’ve got a space that needs bringing to life, get in touch. We’ve got the technology and the know-how to make it happen.


Alex Hillel

Date published

11 August 2017