Introducing Jack, Our New Designer

We’re delighted to welcome Jack Seymour to The Neighbourhood to join our family of designers. After spending the last 18 months at digital marketing agency Cube3, he’s here to lend his creative brain to a range of exciting projects, from 3D design to branding. Before he gets too busy, we found time to ask him a few neighbourly questions...

Where do you call home?

Manchester City Centre. The city has given me so much to love and enjoy, it'd be difficult for me to picture myself living anywhere else. Moving here was the best thing I ever did.

Where’s the place that most inspires you?

Nowhere specific. I like to mix up the way I travel and try not go back on myself if I can help it. I always do a loop around even if it takes me a bit longer. In a similar way, I like to find a new view of any place. Something I've never seen before, whether that’s just a part of my apartment I’ve never really stood in, or going to see something completely new knowing that I'll never see it in the same way again.

Where’s your favourite holiday destination?

Berlin - it’s a cool place populated by amazing people. Every time I go I find something new that completely changes my opinion about the place, only ever for the better.

Where are your top Northern Quarter spots?

Port Street is a massive favourite, but I tend to trust the daily images of the beer listings to help me out and keep changing it up.

What’s top of your travel bucket list?

Right now, Japan. I've never been anywhere that’s completely different from home, so I think it’s about time.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I obviously love design and like to do personal projects as much as I can to keep myself learning new things - design is a hobby as well as a job for me. Other than that, you can find me enjoying a good beer and exploring the city.

Jack, welcome to The Neighbourhood!


Sarah Taylor-Forbes

Date published

13 July 2017