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A Place called Home

The Neighbourhood / No Chintz

A personal approach to interior design

Rather than following ‘on trend’ styles, great interior design is tailored around the needs of an individual, to reflect their personality and create a unique home. We set ourselves the challenge to envision what this might look like, collaborating with like minded creatives No Chintz who specialize in interior design.

The aim was to create a diverse range of imagery to showcase how the same space could look and feel completely different depending on who it was designed for.

We came up with 3 profiles for No Chintz to base their design solutions around: Young Professional (active, successful, ambitious, individual), Professional Couple (torn between city living and country lifestyle), and Retired Banker (prosperous, second residence, enjoys the finer things).

It was important that the styling and dressing of each scheme was clearly identifiable, and illustrated enough of a ‘personal touch’ to create a distinctive treatment that reflected the essence of each character. We brought the designs to life in 3D, adding atmosphere and ambience to create a ‘lived in’, personal feel.