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Attracting top talent

The London Warehouse

Manchester’s hottest destination

How do you sell Manchester to an ambitious restaurateur? You offer them an opportunity too good to miss.

The London Warehouse is set to be Manchester’s most exciting new destination. A co-working space, a bar, a lounge, and an aparthotel, all under one roof in an historic warehouse on the edge of the buzzing Northern Quarter.

Developed by Capital & Centric, managed by Go Native and designed by Archer Humphryes Architects, the ambition is to create a vibrant place to work, stay and play in the city. This won’t just be an aparthotel - this will be the number one spot for tourists and locals alike, from morning meetings to midnight cocktails (and everything in between).

All it needs an ambitious restaurateur to help create the best restaurant in town.

A flexible solution

We started by creating a brand identity that draws on the building’s role as a key part of the city’s industrial past, with elements evoking travel and destinations.

We used this fresh new brand to create a sales presentation box that reflected the well crafted design sensibility at the heart of the development. Premium materials, a bold tone of voice, choice imagery and some bespoke artwork help showcase the spirit of this exciting, multifunctional venue.

The bespoke presentation box reflects its premium yet relaxed atmosphere, while the ring-bound format allows the brochure to be updated as the scheme develops. And the eclectic format perfectly matches the eclectic nature of the building.