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This is Paddington

The Paddington Partnership

Putting Paddington back on the map

Paddington has a rich cultural heritage, from Brunel's Great Western Railway to Paddington Bear. Over the last 20 years, The Paddington Partnership have been responsible for revitalising the area of Paddington and putting it at the centre of modern London. As they draw closer to the final chapter in their development journey, they were looking to rejuvenate their brand and online presence. The first step was to simplify their brand name (previously The Paddington Waterside Partnership), after which we created a new logo-type, colour palette and stationery design, drawing on the iron tracery of Paddington Station to reinforce the area's industrial heritage.

We then consolidated the Partnership's disparate online presence into one contemporary, responsive site - This is Paddington. The website enables visitors to discover the many sides of Paddington, with a variety of content posted in both blog format and pinned to a map to bolster the geographical context. Within the site we also recreated The Story of Paddington, translating the 25-year development plan and history into an immersive editorial experience.