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ReView VR

The Neighbourhood

Making it real

ReView is the first digital product to launch from our VR team here at The Neighbourhood. We believe it to be the world’s first high-resolution, commercial property configurator that brings together our experience in producing 3d illustration and animation, both within the property sector and beyond. Using the HTC Vive headset, ReView delivers an unparalleled level of interactivity and quality experience.

Understanding a space

At The Neighbourhood we feel that VR is no better utilised than in the property sector. With the ReView platform, agents and prospective clients are able to understand their potential space in a way that’s just not been possible previously.

A new way to view spaces

ReView brings spaces to life in a unique way. Our ambition was to create something more emotive than a purely technical or 'game-like' illustration, so we combined people-centred design with visual quality and considered UX and UI design, to offer an incredibly realistic experience.

Understanding volume

With the headset on, the user gets a 1-2-1 understanding of the volume of the space. This means it’s exactly to scale - one metre in ReView is one metre in the real world.

Add exact exterior views and lighting, and the end result is a crystal clear experience and comprehension of the space.

Testing density

Whether it’s a 12:1 or 6:1 ratio, ReView can be configured to quickly enable the user to simply and rapidly cycle through density options.

This not only removes any lingering questions around a space’s viability, but also continues to wed the user to the space by allowing them to answer their own questions explicitly.

Flexible by design

Whether your intended client is a creative agency or a strictly corporate business, with ReView you have a huge library of assets to showcase just how flexible your space is.

Once inside, the user is able to quickly switch through any number of layout options. It allows them to understand exactly why this is the right space for their business to thrive.

A seamless process

Virtual reality can seem complex, but we make sure creating a VR space doesn’t add extra time to your production process. That’s because we’re able to develop it alongside other outputs, such as CGIs or films.