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MCAU brand

Modern City Architecture and Urbanism

Bringing 3D space into a 2D identity

If a business specialises in creating three-dimensional spaces, how do you capture what they do in a visual identity? When we started working with Modern City Architecture and Urbanism (MCAU), it was a riddle we decided to solve.

Breakthrough urban design

MCAU is a new practice that specialises in placemaking. They use cutting edge city architecture to solve modern city problems and wanted a standout identity and website that would get them noticed and communicate their commitment to modern, urban design. Stripping their name down to 4 letters felt like a logical way to simplify the brand. Then we looked at ways that we could suggest the three-dimensional nature of their work within a logo device.

Creating space

The solution we settled on created a square void within the letterforms, suggesting a room or architectural space. The areas we cut out to create this space also gave us two distinctive triangular elements that we could use like a frame or speech marks on the reverse.

The brand rolled out across business cards, stationery and a website, which uses images of their stunning repurposing of the Grade II* listed Ashton Baths building near Manchester.