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Collaborative Placemaking


Building the placemakers a place of their own

JTP are architects, masterplanners and placemakers. They often work at a macro level, designing whole new communities and cityscapes. But when you’re thinking that big, how do you make sure you don’t lose touch with the human perspective?

This collaborative approach was a key inspiration when JTP contacted us to take a look at redesigning their website. By taking the time to understand them as people and their working processes we could respond with a ‘brand first’ approach.

People, Places and Process

Through a series of workshops we distilled the core brand story and developed it into a creative treatment for a hero animated film at head of the site. The film gives viewers a snapshot of their collaborative processes that look to uncover the DNA of a place.

JTP’s approachable way of working inspired us to create refreshed look and feel but designing a friendly, illustration style that we used across the film and website. It helped communicate their key messages while getting their open, welcoming personality across.

A friendlier voice

We created a responsive, mobile-first website. We also captured the brand story in a bespoke animated film that JTP can use online, at events, and in pitch presentations. We also made the site more user-friendly by taking a UX approach to designing the journey and making JTP’s database of over 100 projects more intuitive to search and easier for the in-house team to update.