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Capital & Centric / Henry Boot Developments

Welcome to Kampus

A melting pot of architectural styles and a rich cultural heritage mark the spot for the Aytoun Street Campus, a Manchester city-centre development by Capital & Centric and Henry Boot.

Their vision is to transform this canalside site into an urban waterfront destination: a vibrant new cultural spot for the city complete with contemporary homes, boutique hotels and independent shops, bars and cafes.

As creative partners, our challenge was to establish the tone and identity of the development and bring the opportunity to life for an audience of potential investors and independent business owners. In doing so, we would need to build a framework for the brand and develop a collection of marketing communications to capture the vision for the place and tell the story of what makes it unique in the city.

Our response was to develop a rigorous brand and communications strategy which would capture the bold personality of the project and appeal to both business and consumer audiences at different points in the development journey. Our strategy was to develop a brand that moves the site on from being “The Aytoun Street Campus”, whilst recognising the heritage of the location, the mix of architectural styles and the diverse nature of the place being created. Welcome to Kampus, both a new chapter for the area and a spirit of eclecticism: of buildings, of people, of purpose.

As part of the brand development we devised the visual language and identity, tone of voice, and a suite of content - 3D visualisations, illustrations, graphic icons, maps, floorplans - for use across print and digital collateral.

Kampus is big and exciting, contemporary and urban, independent and Mancunian, relevant to multiple audiences, simple in concept and articulation, different from other competitive schemes in Manchester and true to the function, heritage and ambitions of the project.

As the masterplan for the site is still evolving, creating visualisations to bring Kampus to life presented its own set of challenges but also leant us a degree of creative freedom.

The key intention was to paint a picture of a vibrant day and night destination, adding little urban details that bring the scenes to life as a place that appears lived-in and well loved.

There are opportunities on Kampus for a range of businesses, from independent hotel brands to boutique bars and restaurants.

To help the client target their conversations better, we developed a collection of three individual brochures, each designed to appeal to the key markets: Leisure, Hotel, Residential.

To complete the first stage of communications for Kampus, we also created a microsite which gives an overview of the scheme.

Complete with animated interactions and a data capture “room”, the website serves to augment the Kampus experience and create routes for the target audience to find their way to the information they need.

"They totally got us and they completely understood where we wanted to take kampus. We went on an awesome journey with the Neighbourhood guys, they weren’t afraid to be bold, that was the approach that the scheme deserved. They have this talent for peering into your mind and articulating your ideas… the end result left me beaming."

Tim Heatley
Co Founder, Capital & Centric