How We Work

Guiding you through our creative approach

Creativity is like exploring - you have an objective of where you need to get to, but the journey can take many interesting twists and turns along the way. That's why it's important to have a clear road map and methodology to help guide the process and ensure that journey is as smooth as possible.

All of our projects follow a four stage process regardless of the project type, platform or execution. Our process is not unique, but a tried and tested design methodology that has proven results. Sometimes called the '4D approach' or the 'Double Diamond', this simple four stage process provides a foundation to focus and inform our creative teams and clients throughout the life of a project. The benefit of a clearly road mapped delivery path is found in creative work which not only delights, but also delivers results on time and on budget.


The Discover phase is about identifying project needs; working with our clients to understand the objectives, limitations and expectations of the project to help us set achievable goals. During this phase we will set time frames, establish budgets, and outlined areas of responsibility. The result is an agreed project brief to kick start the practical stage of the design process.


Having 'discovered' the project needs, the Define stage covers the initial development of project ideas and components that address those needs. During this stage we explore the wider context of the brief, investigating possible creative routes and ideas. We also look to sign off on scope, idea, and direction in order to begin detailed design and development.


During the Design phase our creative and technical experts begin to develop approved concepts into final outputs. Throughout this stage we design, prototype, iterate, and craft our ideas along an agreed direction towards a more refined result. At this point, the final deliverables begin to take shape and become realised.


The Deliver stage moves the project towards its final tangible form. The aim of the phase is to finalise production, adding the final touches to work and verifying the accuracy and format to ensure it will be delivered where and when it should be. We also track and measure the success of the final work to gain valuable insights to help our clients and our team adapt and improve in the future.

As with all processes, we've found a collaborative approach works best. So each stage is designed with a shared plan in mind, helping us to work together effectively and deliver the best possible results.


Jon Humphreys

Date published

13 February 2014