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Helping a cool brand get cooler


The Saucy Fish Co. are the definition of a cool brand. In fact, they were the first and only fish company voted as one of the nation’s Cool Brands. But now, they’ve taken things one step further by extending their chilled fish and sauce combinations to the freezer aisle, offering shoppers even more convenience.

Our work is a continuation of the series of animated ads that helped make Saucy Fish cool - this is our fourth campaign since we helped launch the brand back in 2010. So we reunited with our friends at Amaze to create a video letting the world know they could now find Saucy Fish down the frozen aisle.

The world behind the freezer

We built our idea around the core proposition “Frozen just got cooler”. The whole proposition hinged around the fact that the frozen aisle - typically the home of bland, beige food - has just got a whole lot more exciting thanks to the arrival of Saucy Fish.

So we landed on the idea of juxtaposing the bland, boring freezer aisle with a colourful frozen wonderland. We’ve taken the concept of frozen and injected drama and adventure. We show our couple, doing their weekly shop, getting literally pulled into this fantastical frozen world through the freezer. The creative team had great fun animating all manner of Arctic creatures, each desperate to get their hands on this delicious new range of Saucy Fish.

For the animation style, we drew on the brand’s colourful, playful personality to deliver the message “Frozen just got cooler”. We’ve continued to use the distinctive illustrative approach we developed for the brand.

Our video - which will appear online and in Sainsbury's stores across the UK - sits at the heart of the brand's extensive digital marketing campaign around the new frozen range, and is set to dominate food platforms over the next few months.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s our super speedy 10-second edit.