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Smith’s Dock

Urban Splash

How do you bring a dormant dockyard back to life? You tell a new story.

Smith’s Dock has a proud history. Sat on the banks of the River Tyne, it was once a place where warships, cargo liners, tankers and fishing boats were built and repaired. It was part of the lifeblood of North Shields. But since 1987, the dockyard has been lying dormant and forgotten. But now there’s a new story to tell, a new chapter, a new generation. A new neighbourhood breathing life back into this proud dockyard again.

A new waterside neighbourhood

Thanks to a partnership between Places for People and Urban Splash, a new community is springing up at Smith’s Dock. The neighbourhood will be populated by Urban Splash’s innovative new housing concept ‘House’ - flexible modular homes designed to cater for evolving families. These contemporary family homes - some of which are designed exclusively by George Clarke - will sit alongside public spaces and places to eat and drink. A new community needs a new identity. We created a brand that carefully draws a line between the past and the future, with a modern take on industrial influences. We then brought this new brand to life in an evocative promotional film, inspired by the wooden dollies at nearby Fish Quay.

Putting Smith’s Dock on the map

North Shields and Tynemouth is an area with plenty to see and do. So we wanted to invite people to explore the neighbourhood’s unique waterside location and proximity to the coast. And with the launch of the development’s first phase of 34 homes, it was time for Smith’s Dock to reclaim its place in the neighbourhood and in the minds of local people. So we put it back on the map. This map.

Not only can you find all the best places to eat, drink and visit, you can also explore the new waterside neighbourhood and find out exactly what Smith’s Dock stands for. And because we’re beside the seaside, we’ve also created a set of postcards telling a visual story of Smith’s Dock’s past and present.

A digital journey

We didn’t stop at the map. To truly cement Smith’s Dock as a vibrant, exciting place to be, we created a shiny new website, where you can take an immersive journey through the best bits of the local area, explore the new neighbourhood and even configure your future home. Go on, have a play.

With the first homes launching in May 2017, it really is time for this historic dockyard to turn the page and start a new chapter as a stunning waterside neighbourhood.